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UV Tanning

We still are you favorite tanning salon – and still have the best selection of UV tanning beds.


  • Electronic Climate Control
  • Aroma Vitalizer System
  • Body Comfort Base Acrylic
  • Soft-touch Control Panel with LED Display
  • Advanced 3D-Power Sound System

DESCRIPTION You will be singing the praises of the Blueberry Blues in just one session! You will love the features include 52×200-watt Dynamic Power UV lamps, Ultra Performance Plus high-pressure lamps, Electronic Climate Control, Aroma Vitalizer System, ergonomic base acrylic and a sound system with MP3 player input.

Sunless Spray Tanning


This cutting-edge technology gives you flawless results in the privacy of an automated spray tan booth. VersaPro® offers graduating levels of color.The spray bar now has 3 nozzles for incredible coverage; both the tanning booth and spray are heated for your comfort; and it dries you automatically.

Pura – Ultimate Sunless Tanning Booth

The Pura automated sunless tanning booth is better by design. From its 4-Minute Tan and Simple Positions to its Comfort Dry Pass and Trinity Mist sprayers, Pura has features like no other to give you a sunless tan like no other.

Sunless Solution

Spray La Vie’s sunless solution is unlike any other you’ve experienced. In fact, Spray La Vie is the only place you will experience our solution. Our patented product is made to moisturize, hydrate, and nourish the skin. It is 100% Copper Free. We avoid any harsh metals or chemicals. The solution is infused with Aloe, minerals and brown sugar to give your skin a natural looking glow.

Hydration Hydration Station

The Hydration Capsule is a 20 minute relaxing vitamin steam sessions that will help relieve stress, prepare for tanning, and prolong tanning results! This extraordinary engineering breakthrough creates the harmonization of a two pat formula: a single blanket of radiant heat and steam. The system will topically bathe you in both of these features simultaneously providing the appearance of clean, beautiful, radiant looking skin.


Come relax, destress, and even burn a few calories at the same time. The Cocoon offers a comprehensive whole body experience with thermal dynamic dry heat therapy, the healing power of infrared light, duel wave full body massage, aroma therapy, detoxification and calorie burning effects to slim down, all to create a relaxing, healing environment that provides stress relief, relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being.


The Beauty Angel/Total Body Enhancement booth uses all-natural red and infrared light, which penetrates and absorbs deep into the tissue, activating the production of endorphins, blocking pain-transmitting chemicals and stimulating cellular regeneration. Total Body Enhancement can be used to help improve the skin’s tone and texture, while also decreasing wrinkles and firming your skin to help reverse and control the visible signs of aging. Total Body Enhancement can also effectively treat minor muscle and joint aches.

Ominlux-Red-Blue Redlight | Blue-light Therapy

Our medical grade RED LIGHT will help produce collagen,smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, shrink pores and even out skin tone.

The Omnilux Red Light Facial. A 20-minute medical grade red light mask. Proven to kill bacteria and acne, shrink pores, boost collagen production and even out skin tone.


  • improves elasticity and skin firmness
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • heals psoriasis
  • reduces acne bacteria and b breakouts
  • reduces skin redness and inflammation
  • stimulates collagen production

FIT Bodywrap®

FIT Bodywrap® produces far infrared heat, which is light we can’t see, but can feel as heat.  Infrared heat warms us without warming the air around us and penetrates our bodies, rather than only heating the skin.

Infrared as used in the FIT Bodywrap is known to help with weight-loss, cellulite reduction, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, detoxification, and overall relaxation.

Lumiere Facial Mask

This Lumiere LED Beauty Face Mask is one of the most popular facial device which provide “magic Light” LED Photon Skin rejuvenation treatment to the skin. With 150 LED lights, this facial mask provide deep penetration of phototheraphy into the skin. LED doesn’t not product heat and it won’t hurt and skin.