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Love your skin.
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Our mission at Spray La Vie is to make a wellness-focused lifestyle attainable for everyone. After 25 years of bringing elite indoor tanning to our clients, we wanted to explore how we could improve the overall quality of our client’s lives. Whether used exclusively, or in tandem with traditional exercise, our innovative spa services address many concerns facing our guests.

Enjoy the benefits of weight loss, detoxification, anti-aging, pain relief, relaxation, and improved sleep quality in an elegant spa atmosphere.

Spray La Vie delivers convenience at an amazing value, all while helping you to reach your wellness and weight loss goals.

Love your skin.

At Spray La Vie we believe that you should love your skin and we offer healthy and effective skin care solutions designed to improve your skin’s overall quality and appearance. Our spa services and treatments utilize the power of infrared heat and Red Light therapy that have both been clinically proven to improve the quality and appearance of the skin. Our many treatments aim to correct uneven skin tones, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and scarring, and activate fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastin. The decadent Hydration Station replenishes your skin with much needed vitamins and nutrients and works harmoniously with our UV and Sunless Tanning systems as a skin prep. We are committed to providing our customers with clinically proven, state-of-the-art treatments that will give you the skin everyone will be envious of.

Love the skin your in.

We realize that weight loss and weight management are a concern that many people have. Both the Cocoon and our FitBurn Body Wrap harness the power of Infrared Wellness Technology which induces sweating. Sweating consumes calories and a FIT

Bodywrap session can induce 3-5 times more sweat than exercise alone while also speeding up metabolism efficiently, allowing your body is to use calories consumed for energy instead of storing them as fat. Relax your way to a slimmer waistline with one of our innovative treatments while simultaneously working towards your weight loss goals.

Love yourself.

The focus on living a healthful life is more prevalent than ever before. We understand that your life is hectic so we’ve streamlined our health-focused spa services so you don’t have to choose between convenience and your health. The list of benefits to be gained from the Cocoon alone are endless. Through infrared therapy, head joints become more supple, muscles are relieved, and body flexibility increases. We’ve also introduced Himalayan Salt into this treatment and when inhaled it creates an electrolyte balance, strengthens bones, balances pH and helps to reduce acid reflux, even lowering blood pressure. Visit one of our luxurious spas today to see just how easy it is to live a healthier, more mindful life.

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